Leveraging The 
Best Practices of  Industry Leaders

Based on our experience with leading companies, we utilize an STM framework that focuses efforts and leads to quick results. The most successful companies in developing and launching new products are able to embrace two very different, but complementary concepts: Do It Right, Upfront and Try It, Fix It. 

Do It Right, Upfront  is the first stage of developing strategies and plans for new products aimed at satisfying customer needs. We assist our client management teams to develop a speed-based strategic direction, focused on customer-centered innovation. We help them select products and develop roadmaps matching overall resources, to winning product strategies. 
Try It, Fix It is adapting and iterating product development programs to optimize product performance, quality and cycle time in a dynamic environment. This process involves tracking against schedules and making real-time decisions to adapt to a constantly changing environment. In addition, tight partnerships with customers and suppliers with quick iterations provide accelerated product introductions.   

The key to Integrating and Balancing these concepts is found in strategies employing fluid parallel product development processes, cross-functional / empowered product teams, and a bi-modal mindset balancing conflicting program needs. In achieving this balance, STM companies are able to accelerate the product development cycle while maintaining flexibility to respond quickly to an ever-changing competitive environment. 

Each element of this framework is supported by specific practices of leading STM companies. The model, coupled with CDP's proprietary benchmark survey, provides tangible metrics of how a company is performing versus leading companies and identifies major STM opportunities


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