CDP Client Services

CDP integrates the driving forces of change that yield tangible results for our clients.

Achieve Strategic Visions / Exceptional Growth Objectives

Compelling Visions provide a strong foundation for successful strategies and are powerful motivators in leading companies. We assist our clients develop vision-driven strategies and business models that capitalize on their key strengths and industry dynamics. We facilitate team-oriented strategic processes that embed the vision and strategy into the team and the corporate culture. We also help drive high-leverage initiatives, such as strategic partnerships, mergers / acquisitions and spin-outs. Having studied and worked with many of the highest growth technology companies - we bring first hand expertise, experience and leading practices to our clients.

Managing Dynamic Transitions / Rearchitect Companies

CDP assists clients in identifying strategic turning points and anticipating transitions, thus enabling them to respond effectively to rapidly changing markets and nternal demands / pressures. We emphasize a process of continuous strategizing and prioritizing to aid in assessing the dynamic environment and mapping changes in strategies and business models. We also help companies build flexible structures and teams with a mindset that promotes creative tension and fluidity. We assist clients in rearchitecting their companies - adapting strategies, structures and staff in concert to create an evolving product business architecture that produces results in a changing environment. 

Accelerate Speed-to-Market / Product Launch

We assist high technology companies achieve dramatic improvement in bringing new products to market quickly. These companies achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in Time-to-Market, Time-to-Volume, and Time-to-Profits. We help our clients select, develop, and launch new products through customer oriented innovation, empowered and dynamic teams, customer / supplier alliances and parallel development models. Our clients have been so successful in achieving tangible results that we often structure fees on performance / incentive basis geared to key achieving milestones and objectives.

Build Enduring Values and Teams

Visionary leadership provides a powerful, unifying force that links teams and values in supporting a compelling vision. We help clients define and communicate enduring corporate values and build them into management practices and cultures. We survey organizations to determine their effectiveness and performance to stated values. We work with executive management to build effective teams that bring together complementary people in partnerships that leverage unique strengths and support corporate  objectives.

Corporate Development Partners

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